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Why Corporate Team Outings Are More Important Than Ever

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Whether your company has gone fully remote or you are back in the office after having worked from home, we know that the new normal for workers is still not that normal. Struggling with this COVID workplace is a daily challenge, often unpredictable and always changing. So the thought of planning an employee outing or teambuilding event may not be on the top of your list – but we’re here to explain why it should be.

Work from home has created a lack of connection

A friendly chat with a coworker on your way to the printer may have been commonplace in 2019, but when working remotely, this casual exchange was lost. Scheduling a 5-minute meeting just to catch up on your work friend’s day may have seemed a little silly, so it was skipped. Well now’s the time to reconnect with coworkers! A team lunch or business-after-5 aboard one of our boat charters would be a perfect place to find out how Jane from Accounting or Jim from HR has been doing these days.

Boost morale and company culture

In 2020 there were company furloughs, in 2021 there were employee shortages. When employees are worried about keeping their jobs or are overworked due to juggling the tasks of multiple positions, this can cause strain on the company morale and culture. Time for a refresh? Get the gang together again and let off a little steam! Whether it’s a lunch and tour around the lake or a fun geocaching team challenge, at Lake Geneva Cruise Line, we know how to make corporate outings fun!

Onboard and introduce new employees

Many companies hired new employees in the past couple of years and were forced to onboard them remotely. With technology, that wasn’t an issue, however, this may have led to the lack of new and current employees ever meeting face-to-face. Nice to virtually meet you has become a standard saying in our COVID work environment or even virtual business-after-5s in place of a happy hour hangout. But that can all change! Here at Lake Geneva Cruise Line, we have spacious, open-air cruise boats which allow for teams and corporations to come together in a safe way to reconnect – or even meet face-to-face for the first time!

Employee retention during the great resignation

No matter the industry, a company’s main focus must be on its employees. Retention of employees, no matter their tenure, is vital now as we remain in the great resignation. Show your employees you care. Everyone enjoys getting something extra and feeling important. A corporate party aboard a beautiful boat cruising around Lake Geneva could be just what your team is looking for!

How Lake Geneva Cruise Line can help

No matter the occasion for your corporate event, Lake Geneva Cruise Line can help you! We have eight beautiful boats hosting up to 225 guests with an onboard bar and a variety of meal options. There is a reason we’ve been voted Best Group Outing five years in a row by Wisconsin Meetings! Let us help you plan the perfect teambuilding event that will leave your team feeling refreshed and reconnected!



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