Have a Fun Corporate Outing Aboard Our Boats!

Company outings improve culture, motivation, and performance. They are a fun way to reduce stress, solidify team bonds, and improve inter-departmental communication. Have fun and improve your team’s morale – seems like a win-win! But how can you avoid the embarrassing trust-fall exercises or get-to-know-you icebreaker games? How about a fun boat cruise!


Lunch and a Narrated Cruise

Give your team the chance to chat in a non-office setting – no work talk allowed! Get to know each other over a delicious lunch with beautiful views. Low key, casual, easy – that’s how we roll (or float) at Lake Geneva Cruise Line. Discard the stress of small talk by discussing the breathtaking historical estates as we sail by on a beautiful summer day.


Cocktail Cruise

Have a Business After 5 with your team aboard one of our boats! Our onboard bar serves beer, wine, and specialty cocktails to kick off the happy hour vibe. Cruise the lake, listen to music, and get to know your coworkers in a new setting!


Geneva Geo Challenge

Our Geneva Geo Challenge is team-building at its finest. Work as a team, compete with coworkers, and actually have fun! Not familiar with geocaching? We use GPS technology to solve puzzles and visit different docking points along the lake. Each team races to solve the puzzle that leads to the next location where caches are waiting to be discovered! Great for all agility levels.


Celebrate Your Employees

Skip the corporate plaque for anniversaries and take your team out to celebrate! Our cruises are perfect for employee recognition, customer appreciation, spouse outings, retirement parties, and much more. Give your team a chance to celebrate together to help build relationships and encourage employee satisfaction and retention.


Give us a call at 262-248-6206 or send us a contact form to start planning your corporate outing!


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