Santa wants to see you enjoying the light displays on a Santa Cruise

Everyone has family and holiday traditions that they remember from when they were kids. Maybe you’re still doing some of your holiday traditions – maybe you’re looking for some new ones?! Some of our favorite holiday traditions here at Lake Geneva Cruise Line have always included Christmas light displays, spending time on Lake Geneva and […]

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Santa waving to the Santa Cruise

Staff Feature: Susan Schindler gets ready for Santa Cruise

As we get ready to transition into the off-season and prepare for our Santa Cruises – we’d like to introduce you to Susan Schindler, who makes sure all of our Santa Cruises run smoothly! This is Susan’s 12th year working at the Cruise Line, and she’s been working during our Santa Cruises since they started […]

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Lake Geneva Cruise Line Office Boat

When Winter Comes To Lake Geneva, We Move To Williams Bay

One of the truest signs of our transition to winter on Lake Geneva, and the exciting time of Santa Cruise, is when our office boat heads to Williams Bay to our winter harbor. History If you’ve been cruising with us for almost 25 years, you might remember our set-up before we had our ticket and […]

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