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Ellen Dare Burling

Team Member since 1983 | General Manager since 2023

I have served many roles while at the cruise line throughout my career. I have been a ticket seller, mailboat jumper, boat crew, and wait staff, but mostly office, office, and more office. I was recently named General Manager and am starting my 41st season with the company.

I have been married 33 years and my husband Eric and I have three adult children. All three kids have worked at the cruise line over the years and my husband works part time for Gage Marine in his retirement.

I am currently the president of the Walworth County Visitors Bureau and have served on their board of directors for over eight years. In the past I have been on the board of Circle Wisconsin and the Geneva Lake Museum.

The best thing about working at Lake Geneva Cruise Line is that no two days are the same! Every day is a new adventure and a new experience. I also love the people I work with and value the close friendships that I have developed over so many years.

Clare Mulcahy

Team Member since 1999 (also worked at LGCL 1990-1995) | Charter Sales Manager since 1999

In my first stint with the cruise line, I was part of the Belle Crew, serving as caterer, deck supervisor, and other roles on our dining cruises. Today I manage the charter department including sales and event planning.

I am the youngest of four girls that all worked at Lake Geneva Cruise Line in high school and college, luckily I was able to come back and make this my career. I am certain that my children will follow in the family footsteps as many nieces and nephews have.

The best part about working at Lake Geneva Cruise Line is easy, it’s the people. We are lucky to work with some of our best friends who are now ‘family’ including the Gage family.

Angie Jahns

Team Member since 2004 | Charter Sales Associate since 2004

I have worked on both ends of the lake for Gage. I started as a service writer and In/Out service team member at the west end of the lake in Williams Bay but now I work at the east end (Riviera Docks in Lake Geneva) as an Event Coordinator, charter payroll processor, I’ve been a mail jumper for five years in the fall (retired), employee scheduling team member in the spring and fall, and Special Projects Manager!

I’m married to Brian Jahns, a boat salesman for Gage Marine, and we have a wonderful daughter named Ella. I have lived in Lake Geneva for 20 years, and am originally from Crystal Lake, Illinois.

The best part about working at Lake Geneva Cruise Line? Family! I work with some extraordinary people that make coming into work a dream. Every day is another bad joke, a pee-in-your-pants moment – it’s a shake of your head “I can’t believe that just happened” type of place. We all wear a lot of different hats so being flexible is key. We help each other out no matter what. We work in an office boat that moves with the waves, we jump onto boats when needed, we bartend, we do dishes, we pump gas, we help set up private events and tours. Family is what makes this place AWESOME!

Susan Schindler

Team Member since 2007 | Group Tour Sales Manager since 2015

I have had the opportunity to work in many capacities while with Lake Geneva Cruise Line. Some of those include ticket sales, reservationist, boat crew, bartender, charter sales, and group tour sales. Currently, I book and manage the details for small and large group tours. These include groups from family gatherings and community groups to organized bus tours.

My husband and I moved to Lake Geneva in 1990 and raised our four children here. Now our three grandchildren are keeping us busy. We can’t think of a better place to call home!

The best thing about working at Lake Geneva Cruise Line is that my coworkers are like family. We all manage to get our work done while still having fun. I love working with people who share the same passion I do in helping everyone who comes to take a boat tour have the best possible experience.

Robyn Bakken

Team Member since 2013 | Charter Events Coordinator since 2018

Previous to my current position, I was a boat crew member, serving as caterer, deck supervisor, cocktail server and other roles on our dining cruises and private charters. As the Charter Events Coordinator, I am responsible for detailing of all events, bar, food, catering and outside vendors. Basically, I make sure their charters run smoothly! I occasionally do some light office boat cleaning and provide musical entertainment in the form of singing loudly whenever the mood hits me, much to everyone’s dismay!

I have been married since 1990 to my husband, Jeff. We have three children T.J. who is  married to Holly (so I guess that makes me the Mom to four kids), Tess and Carly Rae. Grandma to Kora who is one and Solvi who will be born in May of 2022. I have one crazy dog, Greta and a crazy cat named Darren (who thinks he is a dog). I am also an active member of Immanuel Lutheran Church, in Lake Geneva, where I sing on the Praise Team. (Yep, I like to sing!) I love living and working in Lake Geneva. So lucky and blessed!

The best thing about working at Lake Geneva Cruise Line is the people I work with – they are awesome! Love ’em like family! It really is fun and fulfilling to work on something from start to finish and to see how much joy it brings to our LGCL customers! Plus…you can’t beat the view that I have out of my office window! This lake is gorgeous!

Lauren Miller

Charter Sales Associate

This is my first year working with the Cruise Line, and I couldn’t be more excited! I hope to bring my creative eye to the team as I learn as much as I can through the event planning process.

I graduated from Big Foot High School in 2020. After graduating, I threw myself into the work world, as my education path was uncertain due to Covid. With working, I found my love of design and event planning! Since then, I have started my own photography business, worked closely with Graceful Events to create a beautiful social media presence, and was even the Coffee Mill’s main product photographer. With all that experience, I am so grateful to have found myself here at the Cruise Line.

I am the oldest daughter and have four beautiful younger sisters, Amanda, Ashley, Maddie and Ireland. Amanda, a freshman at UW-Madison, is starting her career with Gage Marine by working at Pier 290 this summer. Now I’m slowly reeling in all my sisters into working with Gage Marine as they get older. Who wouldn’t want to work with their entire family?

By working with this wonderful staff, I hope to learn as much as I can and to continue my love for design and event planning. I look forward to a beautiful summer on the lake!”