Six 2022 Wedding Trends We’re Super Excited About!

couple getting married in front of boat

It’s no secret we love weddings. And as we start 2022, we want to share our six favorite wedding trends TheKnot is anticipating for this year!

1. Local destination weddings

This trend hits home for us! When searching for a place to get married, couples are turning to outdoor locales with amazing views and natural landscapes – while not leaving the US. Local, destination weddings where the decorations are simply breathtaking views will be all the rage this year. Lucky for us, Lake Geneva provides spectacular views for a perfect outdoor wedding venue!

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2. Multi-day wedding experiences

Bring the family together for a wedding experience that isn’t just one day but an entire weekend! Plus, a 2022 trend is to include the whole family and also have special events for different sets of guests – think brunch with the grandparents then cocktails with the cousins. We’re excited for this trend because we not only host ceremonies and receptions, but also rehearsal dinners, cocktail cruises, post-wedding parties, and day-after brunches. Complement your Lake Geneva wedding weekend with some quality time on the lake!

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3. Catering that tells a story

This 2022 trend is just too adorable not to mention! Couples are forgoing the usual wedding cuisine for unique foods that tell the couple’s love story. Imagine: the dinner from their first date, their favorite at-home snack, or the dessert from their engagement dinner. All these will be featured in their wedding day feast! We’re positive our on-site catering team at Lake Life Catering can make this trend a reality for 2022 brides!

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4. Weekday weddings

Last year we all learned a few things about shortages – and one thing that may still be in short supply in 2022 is weekend availability for weddings. But worry not, a new trend is having your wedding on Monday or Thursday. Not only do you get a great deal and still get the wedding of your dreams, but you can also keep with the wedding weekend trend by starting or ending the weekend with your ceremony!

Ask us about our weekday availability.

5. Supporting local businesses

As a family-owned, local business, we wanted to give a shout-out to this trend! Couples are making conscious efforts to support local, small businesses to help stimulate their local economy. Such an amazing idea!

6. Experiential bridal registries

Couples in 2022 are registering for more than just silverware and gravy boats, they are asking for the gift of experiences with their beau. This cute trend is an amazing way to help the newlyweds make memories they will cherish for a lifetime. Our public tour gift certificates make great gifts for both weddings and holidays! Give the gift of a romantic dinner cruise across Lake Geneva. We also offer gift certificates to PIER 290, where you can get lakeside views from the warm sand in the summer and a cozy igloo in the winter.

We are excited for these 2022 wedding trends and look forward to sharing your special day with you! Fill out our form or give us a call to start planning your wedding, rehearsal dinner, or special event!


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