Is this a good tour for kids?

No, passengers must be aged 21+.

Are there any discounts on this tour?

No, discounts are not offered on this tour.

Can we bring snacks on board the boat?

We offer a full snack bar and cash bar with items such as chips, candy and soft drinks. We also offer a full cash bar. If you bring a small snack to hold you over during the tour that is fine, but we do not allow full meals and we do not allow coolers. No alcohol is permitted to be brought on board because we have liquor licenses on all of our boats.

Is the boat wheelchair accessible?

Please contact the Lake Geneva Cruise Line reservation office for details on handicapped access for the Black Point Tour.

Please note: The Black Point Estate is located on a bluff overlooking Geneva Lake. There are a series of approximately 100 stairs and landings from the pier to the house which all visitors must be able to negotiate. We recommend this tour only for those comfortable walking and climbing stairs.