Are the boats heated?

Yes! Both of the boats we use for our Santa Cruise are enclosed and heated! We want to make sure it is an enjoyable experience for everyone!

Where do the Santa Cruises depart from?

All Santa Cruises depart from Pier 290/Gage Marine in Williams Bay, Wisconsin at 1 Liechty Drive.

Are all the lakeshore homes decorated?

Private lakeshore homes are not decorated for the holidays – most homes are summer residences. All lighted displays are provided by Gage Marine and Lake Geneva Cruise Line.

Does Santa get on the boat with the kids?

Santa greets children and reads names from his hideaway on the lakeshore but does not come aboard the boat.

What is the Santa Cause?

Santa Cause is a super charity that benefits, supports, and helps local Walworth County charities through interactive fundraising and community-based events. The Christmas Tree Festival, in partnership with Gage Marine, is their most successful event every year, helping them to raise more than half-a-million dollars over the last five years for charity. Gage Marine is supporting the Santa Cause this year with a donation of at least $25,000.

Can I use my promo code for a Santa Cruise?

Unfortunately we don’t offer promo codes or discount rates for our Santa Cruises.

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