Santa wants to see you enjoying the light displays on a Santa Cruise

Everyone has family and holiday traditions that they remember from when they were kids. Maybe you’re still doing some of your holiday traditions – maybe you’re looking for some new ones?! Some of our favorite holiday traditions here at Lake Geneva Cruise Line have always included Christmas light displays, spending time on Lake Geneva and seeing the excitement on children’s faces when they see Santa.

Four years ago, we wanted to combine all of our favorite holiday traditions to help Santa Cause and start a new holiday tradition for our family and yours – Santa Cruise!

Santa Cruise Journey

Before your boat journey begins, you’ll start your night at the Santa Cause Charities of Christmas Tree Festival. The indoor winter wonderland includes individually decorated trees and fundraising booths for several local charities.

Santa Cruise then takes you and your family on a magical holiday boat cruise on one of our heated boats to Santa’s hideaway. During your boat trip, you will see holiday light displays that take you on a journey to Santa. From the boat, you’ll get to sneak a peek at the shoreline to see Santa’s hideaway and watch Santa as he reads the names of the children on board who are on his “Nice List.”

Once you return from your journey, stop in for a bite to eat at PIER 290. Whether you are hungry enough for a full dinner, or want something lighter off our Fireside Menu, there is something to satisfy everyone’s appetite.

Why is Santa in Lake Geneva?

If you’re planning a trip to Lake Geneva to see Santa and your little ones want to know why the big guy is in Lake Geneva right before Christmas, we went straight to the source for you!

Q: Santa, what brings you to Lake Geneva?

Santa: My hideaway is only a couple of years old, but I’ve been visiting Lake Geneva for years! I love this beautiful lake and the amazing community! When I wanted to build a vacation home, I knew Lake Geneva was the perfect spot for my hideaway – with its sparkling lake, welcoming neighbors and generous community.

Q: Santa, why are you at your hideaway in Lake Geneva right before Christmas and not at the North Pole?

Santa: My elves have everything under control up there! I visit many places right up until Christmas, but my favorite place to visit is my hideaway in Lake Geneva because I get to relax and see some of my lake neighbors before my big night!

Q: What’s your favorite part about Santa Cruise?

Santa: You know I always love the lights shimmering on the lake! But my favorite part about Santa Cruise is reading off my nice list.

Q: Why should families come to Santa Cruise?

Santa: Because you get to see me and my favorite light displays on a boat! It’s truly a magical experience! Ho Ho Ho and see you soon!

Cruising for a Good Cause

Gage Marine, our parent company, supports Santa Cause and the Charities of Christmas with a yearly donation. Santa Cause is a super charity that supports existing charities in Walworth County and performs Random Acts of Kindness throughout our community. They were able to give over $110,000 to those charities last year.

Make your reservations today to join us in our fun and memorable holiday tradition!