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Quick Details

Adult Ages 18 - 64
Senior Ages 65+
Child Ages 4 - 17
Infant 3 years & under

Experience Our Unique Mail Delivery by Boat! 

There are only a handful of places left in the country where mail is still delivered by boat and none with a more exciting and scenic tour than this! With over 100 years of mail service, we still deliver mail to about 75 homes around the lake on a daily basis from June 15 – September 15.

The Walworth departs promptly at 10:00 a.m. every day with a load of passengers, mail, and a very unique mail person. The Mailboat returns to the Riviera Docks after its 2½-hour cruise around the entire lake.

Please note: The Mailboat boards 30 minutes prior to departure time, 9:30am. However, people are often lined up early. 

*Since all of our tours include a live guided narration, we ask all passengers on all tours to remain seated and quiet throughout the tour. Keeping that in mind, any of the longer tours (Mailboat Tour, Full Lake Tour, Black Point Tour, and meal cruises) can be long for kids in that environment. We recommend the Geneva Bay Tour or the Ice Cream Social Tour for families with young children. Please keep in mind that even on these shorter tours passengers of all ages are expected to be respectful of other passengers by remaining seated and keeping conversation to a minimum.