Beverage Plans

If you wish to have cocktail service on your charter, you must select from the beverage plans Lake Geneva Cruise Line has to offer. A variety of options are available. Please view our Beverage Plans for additional information and rates. A 21% service fee will be added to your final bill on all Open and Tab Bars.

Payment, based on passenger guarantee, is due two weeks prior to charter. Final bar totals will be based on actual passenger count the day of your charter, and any additional balance is due at that time. Credits will be issued if final passenger count is less than the guarantee.

For Beverage Detail And Pricing Information, Click Here

Beverage Options

OPEN BAR PLANS:  Choose the level of your bar, pay per person for unlimited drinks.

CASH BARS:  All guests pay cash or credit card for their own personal drinks.

TAB BARS:  A Tab Bar is based on consumption on the day of your charter. The client will choose the level bar they would like to offer for their party. This can also be combined with a cash bar (i.e. Run a Tab Bar on Beer/Wine/Soda and have the guests pay cash for any mixed drinks) An advance deposit is required for tab bars: $12 per person for 2 hours, $13 per person for 3 hours, & and $14 per person for 4+ hours. Any balance due must be paid the day of your charter.

For all bar plans, there is a $50.00 per bartender charge for a one and two-hour charter and an additional $20.00 per hour for each bartender on charters longer than two hours. A 21% service charge for all Open and Tab Bars will be added to your bill. Wisconsin requires a 5.5% sales tax be added to all charges. By State Statue, alcoholic beverages can only be bought and sold by LGCL on all of our licensed vessels.

The Open Bar Plans do not include wine for a sit-down meal. We do not serve “shots” aboard the boats.

Please note: We do our best to always have the listed selections but occasionally substitutions are made.

Prices are subject to change at any time.

Wine Enthusiast

For those that have a taste for wine, we offer a great selection of wines that are in addition to those in our beverage plans. Please see our complete list.