Try One of These Three 2023 Wedding Trends


As wedding season quickly approaches, it’s important to stay on top of the latest trends of 2023. Make your special day even more memorable by incorporating one or more of these essential elements into your celebration with Lake Geneva Cruise Line!

Midday Ceremonies

Now, this is a wedding trend we can get behind! When opting for a midday ceremony, you’re creating a picturesque setting that will provide hours of generous natural light. The Duchess, Steam Yacht Louise, Yacht Polaris, and the Lorelei are all ideal options for those midday ceremonies, as they can be available at any point throughout the day. This gives you way more flexibility when planning your event with us.

Welcome Parties

Many couples are looking for ways to extend the celebration of their wedding – what better way than having a “Welcome-to-the-Wedding” party!  This is an excellent way to start off your wedding weekend and provides the ideal chance to socialize with your guests before the excitement of your big day! Our largest boats, the Lady of the Lake and the Grand Belle of Geneva, can accommodate up to 225 guests for a mingling-style event – making either the perfect venue! 

Intimate Celebrations

Since the pandemic, some couples are looking for smaller and more intimate ceremonies. This allows for a more personal and meaningful ceremony, with only your closest friends and family in attendance.This eliminates the need to invite distant relatives and acquaintances. With fewer guests, you can focus on the details that matter most to you – such as more personalized vows or sentimental decorations. Having a small ceremony and reception can also be more affordable, allowing you to budget towards things that are more important to you – such as a special honeymoon or a down payment on a house. If you’re considering this option, the Steam Yacht Louise and Yacht Polaris are perfect for intimate ceremonies and receptions with 20-50 guests.

Overall, if you’re looking for a unique wedding experience, consider celebrating your special day on the water with Lake Geneva Cruise Line. From those intimate midday ceremonies to lively welcome parties, a Lake Geneva wedding is sure to be unforgettable. Your guests will be talking about it for years to come, and you and your partner will cherish the memories forever.



~ Atlas – Real Wedding Aboard the Yacht Polaris ~

Photographer – Mo Schultz Photography   //  Florist – Treasure Hut Flowers  //  Hair and Makeup – Luxe  //  Cake – Lorelei Bittner’s Bakery   //  Attire – Jenny Yoo 


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