The Best Ways to Experience Lake Geneva

Be it water, roads, routes, or paths, there are so many fun ways to experience Lake Geneva! Did you know you can grab a cup of coffee and jump on an ebike for a tour around town? Or walk around the WHOLE LAKE cutting across the lawns and driveways of the historic estates? Or what about, our favorite, stepping aboard a classic boat for a tour of the sights you wouldn’t be able to see from the shore? No matter your style of travel, we definitely recommend giving these modes of transportation a try as you take in Lake Geneva from a brand-new angle.


By Boat

Lake Geneva Cruise Line

Daily boat tours and meal cruises ranging from Full Lake Tour to Supper Club Dinner Cruise. Buy your tickets and depart from the Riviera Docks in downtown Lake Geneva. Enjoy a day on the lake without even owning a boat!

The View: Not to be biased, but touring the lake from one of our classic boats is breathtaking! You’re able to see so much more when viewing the shoreline from the lake. Plus, the sparkling lake water always mesmerizes and impresses. Whether you’re more interested in the natural beauty or the historic splendor of the estates, you will always be pleased with the scene before you.

Comfort: As we cruise around the lake, you’ll enjoy comfort no matter the weather. Whether you’re sitting in our climate-controlled deck or with the sun shining on your face and lake breeze blowing on your hair. Plus, with our onboard snack bar and cash bar, you’ll always have food and refreshments in your hand!


By Bike

Avant Cycle

Grab a regular bike or an ebike and tour Lake Geneva at the level of exercise you feel most comfortable with! Hit the bike route or tour around the town making stops at all the shops and restaurants.

The View: Travel at your speed with the ebike. With as much assistance as you need, you can peddle or just let it do the work for you! Avant Cycle, along with Strava, have multiple routes you can take depending on the view and distance you want to travel. Tour around the lake or even visit multiple lakes in the area. Just make sure to keep your eyes on the road ahead of you as you travel!

Comfort: Exercise plus comfort! No matter how much support you receive from your ebike, you’ll still enjoy the high from a fun bike ride. Plus, there are plenty of places to stop and stretch your legs along the various bike routes.


By Scooter

Lake Geneva Scooter Tours

Rent a scooter and experience Lake Geneva in a whole new way! Driving a scooter is easy, fun, and can be done by anyone (with a driver’s license)!

The View: Take the road less traveled as you tour Lake Geneva on the back of a scooter! Whether riding with friends or on your own, you’ll see some amazing sights! Lake Geneva Scooter Tours has different routes for you to take based on the view you’re looking for. The Classic Lake Ride takes you all the way around the lake visiting different attractions and experiencing different terrains. While the Rustic Road Ride will have you travelling through forests and towns!

Comfort: Comfortable, easy, and fun! Scooters are definitely a great way to experience Lake Geneva!


By Foot

Lake Shore Path

Tour the lake on foot by getting out on the Lake Shore Path! A public footpath along the lakeshore, it crosses over the yards and driveways of the lakefront estates, businesses, and public areas. Just over 20 miles long, this path takes 8 to 10 hours to walk the whole way.

The View: See the lake, lakefront estates, and other lakefront locations up-close and personal on the lake shore path! You will be so close to the large mansions you’ll actually be walking through their lawn. See the lake as the lakefront homeowners do! The view is like no other, an experience you won’t get anywhere else.

Comfort: The terrain can get a little uneven at times and is meant for experienced walkers. Interested in walking the whole path? Hats off to you! No matter how long you walk the lake shore path, you will see amazing sights and get great exercise. But walking the whole path isn’t necessary, you can travel halfway by boarding one of our boat tours. Just plan how you want to split up the walking and buy a ticket for our Full Lake Tour!

Which one of these different types of transportation is the best way to experience Lake Geneva? We’ll let you decide that for yourself. But no matter how you tour, we hope you plan a trip to Lake Geneva soon!


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