Plan Your Day Trip to Lake Geneva!


It goes without saying that all aspects of life have been greatly influenced and changed over the past year due to the pandemic, but one area in particular that has seen drastic changes is travel. For those of us who work in the tour and travel industry it has been a year of learning how to “pivot” and coming up with creative solutions to make the traveling public feel safe in doing their travel planning.

One type of travel that has seen some rebound is the Day Trip. With foreign travel limited and restrictions affecting hotel stays and other overnight accommodations, the day trip is often the quick and easy option to get away. Many people have memories of family outings that involved packing the family in the car and taking off for a location that would provide a day’s worth of entertainment. Lake Geneva’s location in Walworth County and southeast Wisconsin makes it the perfect distance for the perfect Day Trip. Just 75 miles north of downtown Chicago, 50 miles from Rockford, 45 miles from Milwaukee and 75 miles from Madison, Lake Geneva is the perfect distance and destination for a memorable day trip!


According to author Joe Whitson of The Outbound Collective, “The lowly day trip, often dismissed as the least of adventures, has for too long been undervalued. A well-planned and ambitious day trip is more than a consolation prize; it’s an adventure unto itself.” Whitson offers a list of seven tips for planning the perfect day trip starting with #1 being, Plan Your Route. In this age of technology, trip planning is literally done right in the palm of your hand. When searching for directions to a destination, you are also provided with ideas for dining, attractions and more. For your day trip planning to Lake Geneva we also recommend two great resources to assist with ideas and planning. First is the local visitor’s bureau, VISIT LAKE GENEVA – The website for VLG provides invaluable information about all the treasures Lake Geneva has to offer. Everything from shopping to restaurants to attractions and more can be found at the VLG site.



The other great resource is the tourism agency for the county, VISIT WALWORTH COUNTY  – Lake Geneva may be the most well known of the municipalities in Walworth County, but the other towns and cities in the county also have great things to offer and will enhance any visit to the area. No great day trip is complete without exploring hidden treasures and taking part in previously unknown adventures. Taking the opportunity to find out all that Walworth County offers will no doubt add value to any day trip!


The travel blog put out by The Economic Excursionists poses the question, “Are Day Trips even better than vacations?”  Several reasons suggest that they are! Top of the list is that day trips are more cost effective. “You don’t have to worry about hotels, plane tickets, eating 3 meals out, or even tour guides. For typically less than a tank of gas, it will get you to a place you’ve never visited before” according to the blog. Other reasons for choosing a day trip over a vacation, according to the blog,  are getting to sleep in your own bed, being on your own time schedule and travelling with kids is easier.


When you choose to make a day trip to Lake Geneva, a boat cruise with Lake Geneva Cruise Line should definitely be on your itinerary!  With a wide variety of tour types there will no doubt be something to fit your needs. Feel free to contact our helpful Lake Geneva Cruise Line staff to assist you in choosing the tour that best suits you. Some tours are great for kids, while others may not be the best choice for little ones. If you have never been on a Lake Geneva Cruise Line boat tour before we recommend you take in the entire lake so that you can see all the sights and absorb all the history that is shared on our narrated tours. If you’re short on time because you are going to explore the rest of the area, a one-hour Geneva Bay Tour will give you a great look into the history and culture of the area. We truly offer “something for everyone!” Check out all your options for all four seasons.


Another great option to include in your day trip is a visit to Pier 290 Restaurant in Williams Bay. The restaurant was designed to give a warm, comfortable lake feel with an abundance of windows and mirrors to capture lake views from nearly every vantage point in the dining room. Thoughtful details for the décor include the re-purposing of many antique nautical pieces, various doors, boards, bricks, fixtures and other recovered items from all over the Lake Geneva area. PIER 290 became not only an enhancement to the Lake but a true testament to generations of Lake Life on and around Lake Geneva. Enjoy lunch or dinner – visit for details and more information!


So for 2021, plan a day trip and include Walworth County, Lake Geneva and Lake Geneva Cruise Line in your itinerary. Day trips provide more than just convenience and cost effective options, they provide intrinsic benefits as well. According to Our Whole Village, day trips also allow you to take a break, reconnect as a family, and get active. All of these benefits will contribute to making lifelong memories and provide wonderful experiences for you and your family! Let’s get planning!


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