Make Your Corporate Event a Success – Host It on a Boat!

We all know that having a corporate event and inviting loyal customers, their friends, and potential clients is a top-notch idea for increasing a business’s client base and network. But something not everyone knows is that hosting this fun event on a boat is a way better idea than hosting an open house or golf outing – let us explain why.


 1. Easy Conversation Starters

It may be hard to break the ice with a new client or start off with small talk before going into a sales pitch. The great thing about cruising around Lake Geneva on one of our boats is there are plenty of sites and attractions to comment on. Beautiful, historic estates line the shores of Lake Geneva inspiring many comments on style, opinion, and let’s face it – envy! Along with historic mansions, there are also water sports, fishing boats, wildlife, lake views, and sunsets to comment on. Start the conversation easier when on a boat!


 2. Spouses Are Welcome and Actually Have Fun!

Not all spouses or partners enjoy golf – or networking—but aboard our Lady of the Lake, sailing across Lake Geneva with drinks, food, and music flowing, we think everyone will be having a good time! Create a signature cocktail or get the whole team out on the dance floor for some sun, fun, and networking!


 3. You Get More Networking Touches

When you’re golfing, you only really get to have a close conversation with those who are in your foursome. While this can lead to deeper conversations, when you’re trying to meet a lot of people and make more connections, a larger event works better. Our boats can accommodate up to 225 guests which makes it easy to jump from couples and groups to make sure you’re able to chat with everyone in attendance.


 4. More People Will Attend

As people return to group outings and events, they are seeking out those with unique experiences. With the flexibility and ease of virtual events, some may think – is this event really worth going out for? Well, when pairing your corporate event with a Lake Geneva boat tour, we can happily say YES, it really is worth going out for!


 5. No One Leaves Early

When hosting an open house or event at an alternative venue, guests can stop by for drinks and food but then slip out early before they really do much networking with your team. If you plan to have a presentation or speaker, you can’t guarantee everyone will stay for the full event. Except if you’re on a boat! With no place to go once the boat has left the dock, your clients will be there for the food, drinks, presentation, and of course, fun!

Make your next corporate event out of the ordinary and positively memorable! Call us or visit our site to learn more and let us help you plan the perfect event!


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