Geneva Brings Military History to Lake Cruises All Summer Long

Geneva, a fifty-foot motor launch, was once a tender for the USS Saratoga. Commissioned in 1970 and decommissioned in 1994, Geneva has been completly restored to be used as a tour boat on Lake Geneva. While in service, the fifty-foot utility boat was known as a Liberty boat and was stored onboard, under the main flight deck. Her main purpose was to transport cargo and troops (up to 150 of them, including the four-man crew!) ashore when they couldn’t get into a port.

The USS Saratoga spent much of its time in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as serving during the Vietnam War.

Geneva’s military stats

  • Length: 50 feet, 2 ½ inches
  • Beam: 14 feet, 7 inches maximum
  • Draft: 3 feet, 7 3/8 inches loaded
  • Full load displacement: 48,390 pounds
  • Hoisting weight: 24,300 pounds
  • Hoisted by: Slings
  • Construction: Fiberglass reinforced plastic, round bottom
  • Speed: 11 knots at full load displacement
  • Fuel capacity: 170 gallons
  • Range: 150 nautical miles at full power and full load



Geneva has been completely restored and is a wonderful way to experience boating on Lake Geneva. She now has a bar and restroom in addition to a streamlined canopy and clear side curtains in case of inclement weather. She can carry 50 passengers or accommodate table seating for 20. She’s a great boat to take out with some friends for a cruise across Lake Geneva or as a shuttle to your favorite watering hole on the lake!

We offer a military discount on all public tours every day during our tour season.


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