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There’s a lot of change in fall, but one thing stays the same – we’re still out cruising on Lake Geneva!

September means different things to different people. To some it means going back to school. For others it means football season is finally starting or breaking out the comfy sweaters again. But here at Lake Geneva Cruise Line we’re all about the lake all the time and in the fall that means getting to see all the beautiful fall colors from the water.

a small boat in a body of water

As the trees start changing colors our fall tour schedule starts September 3, which means we reduce the amount of tours we have during the week, but we try to keep a full schedule on the weekends. The best part about doing a tour with us in the fall is you get to see the beautiful lake and properties around the lake and hear about all of the local history on one of our amazing boats just like the summer tours, but you also get to see all the beautiful fall foliage.


You also get the chance to ride the Walworth for our U.S. Mailboat tour for a couple weeks into September. Our last U.S. Mailboat delivery day is September 15, so if you haven’t seen the 2019 mailboat jumpers yet you still have a little bit of time. Plus, it’s Capt. Neill Frame’s 50th year manning the mailboat so you don’t want to miss this season.

Worried about a cruise on the lake being too chilly in the fall? Several of our public tour boats have climate-controlled seating areas – like the Lady of the Lake, the Walworth and the Grand Belle — to keep you warm in those chillier days.

While summer is our favorite time of year to be out on the lake, fall is definitely beautiful down here. Typically colors peak around Walworth County in the middle of October, but to make sure you get to see the most fall colors, check out Travel Wisconsin’s Fall Color Report. We can’t wait to see you this fall for a cruise around Lake Geneva.


a group of people standing in front of a crowdDid your plan for summer include getting the office out to do something fun? If that hasn’t happened yet, let us recommend a group outing or private charter experience. With a fleet of 8 boats, accommodating a wide variety of passengers, we offer a great way to get the office staff out for a unique experience together.

So whether you’re headed down to Lake Geneva for Oktoberfest or if you’re out looking for the best Fall colors, jump on a lake cruise with us to see how beautiful the lake is in the Fall.

And don’t forget about our favorite things to do in the area. They’re all pretty great things to do in the fall too.

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