2020 Wedding Season

The year 2020 brought many changes to the world including several in the Wonderful World of Weddings. Yes, it was a heartbreaking and challenging time for many of our Lake Geneva wedding couples; however, the emergence of newly phrased concepts such as the micro-wedding and shift-wedding brought a little light back into planning their special day.  

When brides and grooms were faced with COVID, initially there were few options for them to explore in creating or re-creating their dream wedding day. They could, of course, reschedule for a later date. Same venues, vendors, sizable guest list and a COVID clause and fingers crossed that COVID will have disappeared by the newly chosen date. Couples could also plan for plenty of outside space for the guests to enjoy the safety of fresh air just in case.

Couples that did not want to postpone their wedding ceremony or reception could choose a micro-wedding. They narrowed down the guest list to immediate family members only, usually under 20 guests in all. The venue was well chosen to include outside (or in our case lakeside) offerings. Service staff wore masks and hand sanitizer was the proper and popular go to for party favors. State and CDC guidelines were adhered to and at the end of the day they were newly married.

A close cousin to the micro-wedding is the shift-wedding which worked seamlessly and safely aboard our boats. The concepts are similar where the ceremony and a beautifully plated dinner are held for close family members. When the formalities were over the wedding shifted into the next phase of the evening! Our boat would dock and grandparents, officiants and vendors would depart the boat, making room to allow close friends and other family members to join in for dancing on the outside open-aired decks while still limiting capacity.

As we ease into 2021, many of our micro and shift wedding couples plan to host a larger reception in the coming year to celebrate with those not in attendance for the actual ‘I Do’s’. Wedding celebrations may not be back to ‘normal’ quite yet, so be certain to book an outside wedding venue that creates a safe and unique experience for your family and friends.

Cheers to 2021 and a happy and healthy wedding season!

~The Wedding Planners at Lake Geneva Cruise Line  



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