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The Geneva Geo-Challenge

A Team Building Experience
Geo caching is a sport that combines GPS technology with the fun and challenge of locating items that have been hidden at various points around Geneva Lake.

The goal of the Geneva Geo-Challenge is to work together and to develop a more cohesive team. Everyone should plan on some light hiking as well as making a few stop around the lake to look for clues.

Ready for the Challenge?

We can accommodate up to four teams at a time with no more than ten on a team. The charter typically lasts three hours and will stop at up to four places. Shorter itineraries are also available if a two hour charter is preferred. One GPS receiver per team will be provided, but teams are welcome to bring their own or utilize a smartphone that is GPS-enabled.

Rates & Reservations

A reservation is required as the Geo-Challenge is handled as a private charter. Pricing of the Geo-Challenge is dependent on the boat and day so please contact our charter sales office for specific pricing details. Four of our boats are available for the challenge including the Lorelei, Polaris, Louise, or the Duchess.

Options for beverage and food service are also available. The cruise can depart from a variety of points around the lake.

Contact LGCL for schedules, rates and reservations.

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