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Daily Scenic Tours

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Lady of the LakeGeneva Bay Tour
Enjoy the highlights of some of the elegant estates as you travel around the eastern end of the lake known as "Geneva Bay" in approximately one-hour. A fully narrated excursion complements the beautiful setting. Frequently, the well-known flagship of the fleet, The Lady of the Lake, will transport you on this trip.
Geneva Bay Tour Prices
  • Adult: $24.00
  • Senior: $21.50
  • Youth: $17.50
  • Child: $12.50

Full Lake Tour
Relax and enjoy all the scenic beauty of the lake as you cruise completely around lovely Geneva Lake in approximately two hours. You won't miss any of the unique estates and will also be provided an in-depth commentary about the history of the area. The cruise passes by the Villages of Williams Bay and Fontana and takes in the world famous Yerkes Observatory and historic Black Point Estate. For a full picture of all that the lake offers, don't miss the Full Lake Tour - usually aboard the Walworth. A snack bar and cash bar provide refreshments while you are onboard.
Full Lake Tour Prices
  • Adult: $30.50
  • Senior: $28.00
  • Youth: $22.00
  • Child: $17.00

US Mailboat Tour
There are only handful of places left in the country where mail is still delivered by boat and none with a more exciting and scenic tour like this! With nearly 90 years of Mail Service, we still deliver mail to about 40 homes around the lake on a daily basis from June 15 - September 15 every year. The Walworth departs promptly at 10:00 a.m. every day with a load of passengers, mail and very unique mail person. The mailboat returns to the Riviera Docks at 12:30 pm after its 2½ hour cruise around the entire lake.

Our mail person isn't at all like the one who stops by your home every day. To deliver the mail, they must jump off the bow of the boat while it is still moving and on to the pier. Deliver the mail, grab any out-going parcels and leap back on to the stern of the boat before it passes by. The mail jumper must possess skill and agility in order to complete the delivery and remain dry!

The only way you will get any closer to the homes is by walking up to their front door.

As a special star route for the U.S. Post Office, the U.S. Mailboat - Walworth is equipped with its' famous "U.S. Mailboat" cancellation stamp. Be sure to write a letter or postcard and have this special stamp that you can only get aboard the boat.
Mailboat Tour Prices
  • Adult: $32.50
  • Senior: $30.00
  • Youth: $24.00
  • Child: $19.00

Expanded Bay Tour
This 1 ½ hour narrated tour is a relaxing boat tour of approximately ¾ of the lake including the former Schwinn Estate, Elgin Club and a portion of Williams Bay. Please note: passengers on this tour, ride along with passengers who have booked the Black Point Estate Tour (3 ½ hours). The boat will make a brief stop to drop off or pick up people at Black Point, but those taking the Expanded Bay Tour do not get off the boat. All Expanded Bay Tour passengers stay on the boat for the entire 1 ½ hour tour. In addition, this tour will run on days when the seating capacity and number of advanced reservations for Black Point allow for extra seats. Be sure to call ahead to verify the availability.
Expanded Bay Tour Prices
  • Adult: $27.00
  • Senior: $24.50
  • Youth: $19.50
  • Child: $14.50

Sundowner Cruises
On warm summer evenings what better to enjoy the end of the day and the beginning of the night than sipping your favorite beverage or holding your loved ones hand while on Geneva Lake. The colors of the shore as the sun sets and the lights start to twinkle are a sight to be seen! We have scheduled one-hour tours on most nice evenings from the Riviera Docks or charter the Lorelei for yourself and some friends.
Sundowner Tour Prices
  • Adult: $24.00
  • Senior: $21.50
  • Youth: $17.50
  • Child: $12.50

Ice Cream Social
Departing Tuesday thru Sunday at 2:30 p.m. you can enjoy a beautiful tour aboard the Grand Belle of Geneva and be served a sumptuous Breyer's Ice Cream Sundae prepared just the way you like it. Don't miss a chance to create a new family tradition or just catch up with old friends. This tour last 1¼ hours.
Ice Cream Social Tour Prices
  • Adult: $27.50
  • Senior: $24.50
  • Youth: $20.50
  • Child: $15.50

**Please add 5.5% Wisconsin Sales Tax to ALL above listed rates and 10.0% service charge on Meal Cruises**
Category Descriptions:
Adults - Ages 18 - 64
Seniors - 65 years of age and over
Youth - Ages 13 - 17
Children - Ages 4 - 12
Infant - 3 years and under - no charge, but must be included in your total count
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